International Study Groups (IGS): The International metal study groups are intergovernmental organisations which regularly bring together member countries in an international forum to exchange information on each non-ferrous metal commodity, including primary extraction, smelting, trade and recycling. The IMSGs provide a unique and globally recognised source of industry statistics and consider issues relating to sustainable development, recycling and product stewardship. They also hold joint seminars on international issues impacting on each of the commodities. The IMSGs consist of the: International Nickel Study Group(INSG), International Lead and Zinc Study Group (ILZSG), International Copper Study Group (ICSG). The main role of the IMSGs is to ensure transparency in the markets for each commodity worldwide. This is achieved by providing a continuous flow of information to the market place on supply and demand developments through the monthly publication of high quality statistics, and in depth economic studies. Also published by commodity are worldwide facility directories and country environmental regulations. The IMSGs regularly bring together industry and governments to discuss matters of concern in the mineral commodity sectors.

Industry is invited to join government delegations to ensure maximum benefit from meetings.