FORAM Brochure

FORAM Brochure

The project Towards a World Forum on Raw Materials (FORAM) will develop and set up an EU-based platform of international experts and stakeholders that will advance the idea of a World Forum on Raw Materials and enhance the international cooperation on raw material policies and investments.

This platform will work together on making the current complex maze of existing raw material related initiatives more effective. As such, the FORAM project will be the largest collaborative effort for raw materials strategy cooperation on a global level so far.

The global use of mineral resources has drastically increased and supply chains have become ever more complex. Several global initiatives and organizations have been contributing to knowledge and information transfer, including the European Commission, UNEP International Resource Panel, the World Resources Forum, the World Materials Forum, the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and others. It is widely felt that improved international resource transparency and governance would be beneficial for all, since it would lead to stability, predictability, resource-efficiency and hence a better foundation for competitiveness on a sustainable basis.

The FORAM project will contribute to consolidate the efforts towards a more joint and coherent approach towards raw materials policies and investments worldwide, by closely working with the relevant stakeholders in industry, European and international organisations, governments, academia and civil society. Synergies with relevant EU Member States initiatives will be explored and fostered. Particularly, the project will seek to engage the participation of G20 Member countries and other countries active in the mining and other raw materials sectors, so that experiences will be shared and understanding of all aspects of trade in raw materials will be increased.

In order to ensure the best possible alignment with stakeholders views and needs, FORAM will have the support of an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is composed by key policy makers from multilateral organizations and national governments, multi-stakeholder and industry platforms, Geological and Mining Surveys representing all world regions, think-tanks and research institutes.

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