Croatian Geological Survey (HGI-CGS)

HGI-CGS is the leading public research institute in the field of geosciences and geologic engineering in Croatia with the competences of a geological survey. The Croatian Geological Survey through the scientific research work and expertise has competences, related to groundwater, minerals, hazards, environmental protection. The mineral resource research staff of HGI-CGS investigate the potential of mineral resources and develop policy plans and advice for both the Mining directorate as well as local authorities in order to enhance the rational and sustainable management of mineral resources. HGI-CGS are also members of the advising body for the government related to both polices and legal issues (Mining law) as well as spatial planning issues related to minerals. The Department of Mineral Resources is the coordinate of the national project the Mineral Resource Map of Croatia which integrates both geological, mining and policy data related to mineral resources. Staff of the HGI-CGS are active in the higher education (Univ. Zagreb) as lecturers in the field of mineral resources and ore geology.