Geological Survey of Turkey (MTA)


The General Directorate of Mineral Research and Exploration (hereinafter referred as MTA) is a leading governmental institution in Turkey that has been researching for underground resources of the country, putting the mineral deposits into service, and conducting scientific studies for 81 years.

MTA is affiliated to Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources of Turkey and the budget of the institute is mostly provided by the government. The aim of MTA is to provide services of exploration, research, analysis, infrastructure and database in earth sciences and mining for industry and community through scientific and technological methods in an effective and efficient way considering environmental issues, to contribute to the prosperity of the country. MTA is the discoverer of most of the mineral ores in the country that are operated by public institutions and private companies. MTA uses scientific and technical methods to search for deep-buried mineral deposits, reduces high risks of mineral researches and develops related infrastructure information.

MTA conducts exploration activities for public on all metallic minerals, industrial raw materials, and energy raw materials such as coal and geothermal. It carries out analysis and technological testing studies, feasibility studies, research for marine geology and geophysics, and various other scientific and technological research studies by following developments closely.