WORK PACKAGE 4 – Roadmap & Pilot

WP4 marks the closing activity of the FORAM project by synthesising the work from WP1-WP2 -WP3, transforming main recommendations into a roadmap organizing a pilot event and write a project synthesis report.

WP4 will present a Roadmap aiming at an improved collection of data, establishment of common approaches and solutions, and knowledge exchange and communication between the main actors involved in Europe and beyond.

It will organise a pilot event for a World Forum on Raw Materials. The pilot event will be based upon the result and experiences of structuring and clustering the Stakeholder Network and the effective dialogue approach established in WP2 as well as the vision and strategic positioning as developed in WP3.  Participants will include all consortium partners, the Advisory Board and the Stakeholder Network. This public event will transmit the sense of urgency for common approaches and solutions.

Finally, WP4 will define key recommendations (on the basis of the Pilot event and lessons learnt) for a structured approach for better international cooperation towards more transparent access to and coordination between relevant raw materials initiatives, networks and strategies.

World Resources Forum Association (WRFA) | Coordinator and Work Package Leader