WORK PACKAGE 3 – Strategic Planning

WP3 “Strategic Planning” will set the stage for the World Forum on Raw Materials or similar mechanism using a highly participative process.

As first step, WP3 will analyse social, technological, economic, environmental and political framework conditions. As second step, it will develop the long-term vision in a participative stakeholder process. A vision is a clear description of a preferred future that is meant to raise aspirations, inspire ambitious goals, coordinate and orient actors’ strategic decisions in day to day activities. The visioning process will mobilise key actors identified in WP1 and mobilized in WP2.

WP3 will then elaborate a strategic position to match the vision with the existing activities and the options to improve networking, cooperation and coordination, taking in consideration insights collected in WP2 on the needs and priorities of stakeholders identified in WP1. This will provide consistency to planning and evaluation activities, facilitating the exploitation of opportunities and the implementation of corrective measures if needed.

European Federation of Geologists (EFG) | Work Package Leader